Kasandra Perkins’ Murder – Some Things Keeping Three Guys Up at Night

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Jovan Belcher‘s murder of Kasandra Perkins should be keeping us up at night. Families, communities, football fans, men – we all have reasons to be upset by this murder.

For us three guys, there are some specific things keeping us lying awake these past few nights.nfl DV

1.  Almost nobody in the mainstream media is saying it. But for those of us who do this work, the Belcher case sounds like domestic violence. A lot. And domestic violence (DV) happens. A lot. Most men reading this know someone who has been affected by it. Perhaps we witnessed it ourselves. The majority of DV is never reported. And while it can be committed by anyone against anyone, 1 out of 4 women in the US are abused by men in their lifetime[1]. On average, three times a day in the U.S. a man kills his female partner or ex-partner.

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We Heart These Dudes: Sacchi Patel

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 If stalking involves intimate partners, average duration is 2.2 years.


Now, let’s get real on action. We can stop stalking. 

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So you haven’t learned a damn thing Chris Brown. Abuser.

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Our friends at MAVEN PCC (Men’s Anti-Violence Educational Network) are organizing a trending topic for Wednesday April 18, 2012, to continue to encourage men to spread to word about Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).  

Use this hashtag as you tweet about SAAM: #HealthyMasculinities

MasculinityU Team

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How the world would be different

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What if men (we’re really talking about “males” more specifically) got pregnant?

– ‘Paternity leave’ would be months long.

– Breast feeding wouldn’t be protested against.

– Men would be hired for jobs even if they are young and of “fertile age”. The potential for pregnancy wouldn’t be a limiting factor to land the job.

– Men would be deemed “capable of loving and nurturing”.

– Men’s bare-chests would be viewed as sexual and lewd; likely to be censored on TV (before 10 pm at least).

– Men would have to buy a new size of clothing during each stage and after pregnancy.

– Men’s body’s may never look the way they did before giving birth.

– Men would be on a restricted diet and told not to smoke, drink, or eat certain foods for nine months.

– A new market would open up that would bombard men about their…

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